1. Make an Appointment

Unser Büro ist täglich außer Donnerstag von 9-12h besetzt. Wenn Sie Interesse an einem Ersttermin haben oder  noch Fragen haben,  rufen Sie bitte zu Bürozeiten unter 01-869 65 89 an. Sie können uns mit einer email an an uns wenden.

Unsere Frau Mallweger wird Ihre Fragen beantworten, Ihre Daten aufnehmen, Termine für die Befunderhebung einteilen und Ihnen ein Set von Unterlagen (Klienteninformation, Wahrnehmungsfragebogen, Elternfragebogen und Kindergarten-Schulfragebogen) per email oder Post zuschicken. Um Ihnen die Kosten für ein Erst- oder Anamnesegespräch zu ersparen, erheben wir diese Informationen bereits im Vorfeld schriftlich.


Please bring your child to our first appointment!

2. Prescription

After you made an appointment, you get a prescription (Verordnung) for 10 sessions of occupational therapy (OT) minutes from you pediatrician, general practicioner or an involved specialist physician. The Austrian Social Security system recognizes OT as an obligatory service. After confirmation from your health insurance ("chefärztliche Bewilligung") you will get a refund from your health insurance (varying from EUR 25.- to 55.- per session).


3. Costs to Expect

SpielStudio is a private practice. Hourly fees are around EUR 80.- for intervention and EUR 90.- for evaluation and vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the therapist. One sessionincludes 45 min. directly with the child and 15 min. preparation and cleaning up. Because we stand for therapy integrated in daily life, we also offer consultations at school or preschool. You have to pay a small extra amount for the travel cost. A small one-time amount is also due for processing of SIPT results.

As long as therapy is not paid by third party payers (e.g.,government, Kinderhilfsfonds, or other), you are required topay each session righ before or after the session. If you have a prescription that is conrifmed by your health insurance, you may send our receipt over 10 sessions to your health insurance after the block to claim your refund. Private health insurance usually covers the difference between obligatory health insurance andour fee.

Please explore payment options (cash, Bankomat) with your therapist!


4. Course of Intervention

We will explain to you the findings of our evaluation in a parent conference without child. We are flexible with appointments for parent conferences to make it possible that both parents can attend the meeting. We will explore with you if recommendations for a home program will beenough to help your child overcome his/her difficulties, or if individual therapy is warranted. In any case, you will go home with practical recommendations for environmental modification, beneficial activities and seminal hobbies. Whenever it makes sense, we let the family work with our recommendations for a few weeks to see if this is enough to improve the child's daily functions.

If we go for therapy, you will get a regular appointment, usually once or twice a week. Expect a duration of at least 20 sessions. After 20-30 sessions, we generally suggest a break or havereached our therapy goals and end OT.

If your therapist is absent due to vacation, illness or continuing education

we will do our best to offer you a substitute. 


You'll find detailed information in our client information that you'll receiveupon contacting us.