Occupational therapy focuses on meaningful activities and the ability to act, which are necessary for us to successfully cope with everyday life. Being active, acting purposefully and being able to engage in meaningful activities are basic human needs.occupational therapy for children - children's therapy


The Ability to Act Purposefully Brings Quality of Life!


If the ability for independent meaningful occupation  is impaired due to illness, accident, developmental delay or similar, well-being and quality of life also decline.


Meaningful activities are the means and the goal of OT. OT practitioners support their clients in (re)achieving the greatest possible ability to act in everyday life.


Some children experience constant failure due to disabilities, perceptual disorders or illness! Imbalance, aggression, anxiety or refusal can put a strain on the everyday lives of the families concerned.


OT Improves the Child's and the Family's Quality of Life! 


The OT practitioner sees the child as an active, active person who faces a wide variety of challenges in their everyday life. We examine the factors that contribute to the child's difficulties in coping with everyday life. To do this, we assess sensory and motor components, consider other factors, and assess the extent to which the environment and the task at hand contribute to the child's difficulties.


To learn more about Occupational Therapy, please visit the American OT Association AOTA's  website aota.org!