Büropark Donau

Inkustraße 1–7

3400 Klosterneuburg

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Wohnpark Rennweg

Oberzellergasse 1 / Stiege 19

1030 Wien

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Gewerbegebiet Liesing

Liesinger-Flur-Gasse 15

1230 Wien

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We are happy to welcome you!

I am glad that you are visiting the SpielStudio website! In the 20+ years that I have been running my practice I was able to collect a lot of experience and to learn immensly from the thousands of children and families that my colleagues and myself worked with! Our services have always reflected a humanistic, developmentally and occupationally oriented approach and the highest quality of services we can deliver.


A pioneer in several areas, I have always been striving for state-of-the-art in all areas of my practice. You will profit from our modern administration system (that in the future will even allow for online booking of sessions), the option of cashless payment,  new therapy methods - e.g. we are the first practice in Vienna to offer intervention following the DIR Floortime concept -,  parallel treatment sessions that give your cild the opportunity for social interaction with maximum support, and the innovative idea of SPIELZIMMER, i.e., clients of SpielStudio can rent the therapy room on weekends.


My heart beats for the children with invisible challenges or disabilities who are so often misunderstood and unintentionally mistreated. They are who I and my team are working for with passion! We hope that you will feel comfortable at SpielStudio, enjoy, and profit from our services! 


Mag. Elisabeth Söchting, practice owner

occupational therapist, psychologist

Elisabeth Söchting opened her first practice,  “Ergotherapie Söchting” in 1994/95 in Vienna's south, Liesing. It was the second OT practice that existed in Vienna, with a 20 m² therapy room, already specialized in Sensory Integration intervention. Soon other OTs joined the team to cover the demand. In 2004 Elisabeth Söchting opened her second practice in the north of Vienna, Klosterneuburg, together with Daniela Schlager-Jaschky. For more efficiency, she opened a center in Vienna's 3rd district in 2006. Since then, all three practices were called SpielStudio Kindertherapie.

We love what we are doing

Wir lieben Kinder. Und wir lieben es, ihnen zu helfen, aus eigener Motivation sinnvoll, zweckmäßig und erfolgreich zu handeln.  Denn das ist der kern der Ergotherapie: effektiv handeln zu können und sich an Anforderungen der Umwelt möglichst rasch und automatisch anzupassen. 

We know what we are doing

Alle Therapeutinnen im SpielStudio sind auf Sensorische Integrationstherapie spezialisiert. Die meisten von ihnen wurden in den USA, an der University of Southern California, ausgebildet. Praxisinhaberin Elisabeth Söchting zählt zu den internationalen Experten in Sensorischer Integrationstherapie und hat SI schon in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt unterrichtet. Sie hat von 2010-12 an der Wiege der SI gelebt und gearbeitet. Im SpielStudio finden auch die Praxisteile der österreichischen Ausbildung in Sensorischer Integrationstherapie statt.

Jede Therapeutin hat zusätzliche Spezialqualifikationen wie Bobath-Therapie, Konzentrationstraining (z.B. ATTENTIONER), WARNKE-Verfahren (zentrale auditiven Wahrnehmung), Marte Meo, TEACCH und Verhaltenstherapie.

Hier lernen Sie unsere Therapeutinnen näher kennen!

We are present!

We are present at Facebook where we regularly share useful ideas and good thoughts. Every year, we are also present in person, with a booth or a presentation, at a number of events. Let us know if there is something happening where we can show up!